Main menu


  • Language: Sets the interface language. Attention! Translation is done using google translator!
  • Night / Day theme: changes the current theme of the interface

Roll menu to tray

If the arrow on the right hinders you, you can minimize the menu to the tray. The characters themselves and the rest of the interface will stay with you.
To show the menu, you need to click on the application icon in the tray, select “Show menu”

Close application

Delete all characters and close the application.

Create character

Create a character (yours or standard).

Start mini game

Start the mini-game. Requires a character with “Control by user” mode (more).
At the moment, the mini-game is a prototype, models and mechanics can soon be changed.

Quick start

Quick start

After starting the application, a menu will appear on the left side of the screen. To hide / show it, click on the arrow.

Character Creation

To create a character, you need:

  1. Select the menu item “Create character”

  2. Find the button with the name of the desired character and click on it.

Simple character management

  • Hold LMB to drag the character. If windows are taken into account for the character, the character will automatically be placed on the window that is under the cursor.
  • Roll the mouse wheel while holding the LMB to change the character size.
  • Hold RMB to rotate the character left or right.
  • Right-click to open the character settings menu.

Character customization


  1. Action mode: current character mode:
    1. Static: the character stands still in a static pose;
    2. Control by user: character management (more)
    3. Dancing static: playing animation
    4. Dancing dynamic: dance mode (more)
  2. Animation list: to show the desired animation / pose / dance, click on the button with the desired name.
  3. Physics: will physics be applied to the character (gravity, collision)?
  4. Allow windows: the character will take into account all the windows?
  5. Perspective camera: display the character of a separate camera (perspective) (more)?
  6. Look at camera: will the character try to look at you?
  7. Rotate: switch to character rotation mode (on all axes). To exit, press Escape. This mode is not available for mode "Control by user".


  1. Material selection: select material to adjust
  2. Shader: shader selection
    1. Standard: regular shader
    2. Toon: cartoon. shader
    3. Recolor: replacing one shade to another
  3. Settings

Dancing dynamic

The selected dance animation is played. The launch of the animation will occur from the beginning of the music. The intensity of the dance will vary depending on the energy and strength of the current music.

Character controller

To move a character, use the A and D keys, to jump - Space, to jump from the surface, press S to move to another window (window accounting must be turned on), hold Shift. If a character falls down, he will soon return from above.

Perspective camera

By default, characters, for optimization, are displayed in isometric. However, you can switch the display to a perspective.

Simple upload of your character


Note: At the moment, the model import function works only on Windows 10 x64. On other operating systems there may be problems. Neet .net framework 4.5+ We will try to get rid of this problem at the time of release. Upload your character is very simple, even without modeling skills! All you need is to simply place the .fbx file in the Models folder and restart the application.

File requirements:

• Textures and materials must be in the FBX.
• The skeleton of the model must match the standard skeleton of Mixamo or Biped (3ds max e.t.c.)
Note: when exporting from the Mixamo site it is recommended to choose the format .FBX for Unity

Not able to model?

If you are unable to create a new skeleton, or you cannot model, you can create a skeleton automatically on the Mixamo website (Note: For the FUSE program, the skeleton created after “Send to Mixamo” is not currently supported!).

Mini games

Space shooter (alpha, demo)

You are flying ships that shoot at you. Destroy ships to get +1 point. Every time a bullet hits you, you will get +1 death. Your stats is at the top of the screen. To finish the mini-game, click on the “stop” button.
Ships and bullets appear based on current music (on PC).


Windows 7 problems

Q: I launched the application, but instead of a transparent background, I have a solid color (white / black / dark blue) that covers all other windows.
A: You need to enable the “Aero” theme for Windows 7 (more)

Other OS

Q: What OS are supported?
A: Windows platform only: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Q: How to run the application on other versions of Windows?
A: Minimum supported version: Windows 7, older versions are not supported due to API specifics

Using the application

Q: The arrow on the right is bothering me, how can I hide it?
A: Expand the menu and click on the “Roll menu to tray” button. To expand the menu, select the corresponding item in the tray (more)
Q: My mini-game doesn't start, what should I do?
A: To start a mini-game, at least one character is required in “Control by user” mode (more)
Q: I have turned on “Allow windows” and now I see “invisible windows” (the window itself is not visible, but the application draws its shadow / mask over the characters)
A: The application works with windows opened in OS, which are: active; not minimized; have a title. If you know what the program is, you can write about it to us so that we include it in the exceptions (for the convenience of users, this function can later be built into the application).
Q: How to hide the application icon from the taskbar?
A: For security reasons, this cannot be done.
Q: Task Manager is displayed on top of the characters, even when the “consider windows” function is turned off.
A: For security reasons, the task manager that runs “on top of everything” is not blocked by the application.
Q: How to put a character on top of the taskbar?
A: For security reasons, this cannot be done.
Q: My taskbar is in a non-standard position and / or has a non-standard size. However, the application does not see this.
A: At the moment, the position and size of the taskbar is taken from the standard settings.

Characters are not displayed over windows, they are displayed behind them.

After starting the application, do not switch windows. The app should be on top at startup.
This is done for optimization, but will be changed in future versions.

I can't load my character

See the appropriate section of the documentation for step by step how to do this.
Also, to download a character, .net framework 4.6.2 and Visual C ++ are required.
They are automatically set by the stim when you install the game. Do not cancel their installation, otherwise the model loading function may not work.

The application does not see the windows open in full screen mode

The application sees only those windows that have a header and visibility. This is done so that the application does not respond to background processes that are not reflected on the screen. However, in the future, a setting will be added that allows you to disable exceptions.

After starting the application, it closes after a second

Most likely, you are not running the Steam client (or your library does not have this application).

Multiple monitors?

Support for multiple monitors is quite complex for many reasons: the size of each of the monitors, the window (virtual desktop), and so on. Therefore, support of several monitors from one copy of the application is far in the to-do list. At the moment, you can try to immediately launch the application on the second monitor (not tested), holding Shift before launching the .exe file (does not work through Steam).

However, you should take into account that Windows does not divide windows into monitors or virtual desktops, which is why windows will be common everywhere. This means that the first monitor window can overlap characters that are on the second monitor screen.
Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to fix it (including due to the fact that one window can be located on several monitors at once).
But you can simply not include accounting windows for the characters.

Known bugs

Mini game

A character holds a blaster crookedly in a mini-game if camera perspective is turned on for him

Load models

Some characters from the Mixamo website, as well as characters created in Fuse => “Send to Mixamo” may be imported with errors. The solution may be a reassembly of the skeleton on the site Mixamo

Export character from Unity


Attention! Only Unity versions 2018.2.17 are supported! You can download them here Modification of source files, including UDCEAssetCreator.unitypackage is prohibited

  1. Download and run Unity;
  2. Create a new empty project;
  3. Go to the folder with the game and find the file “UDCEAssetCreator.unitypackage”;
  4. Drag it to the Project tab (in Unity);
  5. Import the contents;
  6. Open the scene Scene.unity;
  7. Drag your character to the Hierarchy tab.

Customize character file

  1. Look at the size of your character. It should be about 2 meters. If this is not the case, you can go to character settings => Model => Scale factor and change the value by clicking Apply;
  2. Go to character settings => Rig => Animator type, set the value to Humanoid, Avatar Definition: Create From This Model;
  3. Click on the “Configure ...” and save the scene;
  4. Look at the avatar. It must be completely green. If this is not the case, or something does not suit you, adjusting the bones to it by dragging them into the corresponding slots of the avatar;
  5. After setup, click Apply (if you changed something) and Done.

Character customization

General setting:

  1. Select your character in the Hierarchy window;
  2. Click on the “Add Component” button in the Inspector tab;
  3. Click _UDCE => General, this will add the main script to your character;
  4. Change MyType to Humanoid;
  5. Customize the Capsule collider (Height and Center only);
  6. Enter character name (no special characters).
Adding Phys. bones:
  1. Choose a parent bone that needs physics;
  2. Click on the “Add Component” button in the Inspector tab;
  3. Click _UDCE => Physics bone;
  4. Select the type of bone position relative to the character (Center / Left / Right).
Keep in mind that this setting will apply to all child bones, so you do not need to do this with each bone.

Loading characters in the application

  1. Click on the “Build Object” button for the Upload Character component in the Inspector tab;
  2. Wait a few seconds ...
  3. If errors occur during conversion, they will be displayed in the console;
  4. After successful processing, go to the Output folder and find the file with the name of your character and with the extension “.udceab”;
  5. Copy this file to the application/ unity folder;
  6. Run the application;
  7. Select “Create character”;
  8. Your character should appear after the “Custom assets” separator;
  9. Click the button with the name of your character to load it.

Video tutorial


Loading characters in the workshop

  1. Customize your character and go to the Workshop tab (in the character menu);
  2. You can turn it, put it in the right position. A screenshot will be created automatically;
  3. Enter your character's name and description;
  4. Click “Upload files”;
  5. Read the condition and click Accept if you accept it and give your consent;
  6. Wait a few seconds for the new interface to appear (easy to distinguish from the main interface);
  7. If an error occurs, the error text will be displayed;
  8. Wait a few seconds until the download reaches 100%;
  9. Read the summary message.
Note: characters do not appear immediately after loading, but after a few minutes!

Loading characters from the workshop

  1. Go to the “Create char” tab;
  2. Click the “Load from workshop” button;
  3. Find the character you want and upload it.
Do not forget to rate your favorite character. You can do in the same interface.

Overlay images

How to add your picture?

Put your image in the Images folder


Adjust texture size, scaling type, and scaling boundaries.

Custom animations

Video tutorials